Revitalize Wellness Program

At St. Camillus, our 6 dimensional Revitalize Wellness program is designed to help individuals maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  Our goal is to achieve a higher quality of life for all residents.
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6 Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness focuses on education and coaching to support positive choices relating to exercise and nutrition that will nourish the body and achieve optimal health. Being as healthy as possible allows our residents to more fully engage and enjoy social, intellectual and emotional experiences such as organized fitness classes for any level of ability taught by Fitness Instructors as well as individualized vitality coaching.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness focuses on finding harmony and peace within one’s life. St. Camillus offers an inclusive and comprehensive spiritual program by offering resident led prayer circles, individual counseling, bible study, and more!

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness supports individual’s ability to acknowledge and share feelings of anger, fear, sadness or stress as well as feelings of hope, love, joy and happiness in a productive manner. Our Emotional Wellness programming encourages forming relationships with others based on mutual trust, commitment and respect through intergenerational experiences, pet therapy, and connecting with residents who share common passions and interests.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness focuses on brain health.  Lifelong learning exercises stimulate the brain by stretching creative and mental abilities. Our diverse education program encourages residents to expand their knowledge and skills and encourages sharing of gifts with others by participating in language classes, cultural programming, and expanding technological skills.

Social Wellness

Social Wellness fosters connections and interactions between residents, staff and the environment. The interdependence of our relationships is emphasized. Our Life Enrichment program includes a greater number of activities that promote active engagement rather than passive engagement.

Community Wellness

Community Wellness recognizes personal satisfaction in one’s life through work. Involvement in meaningful work allows residents to gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment. Our Community wellness program encourages residents to contribute their unique gifts, skills and talents to service that is personally meaningful and rewarding such as volunteering or tutoring.

Why is a Wellness program important?

  • Wholistic wellness programs have been gaining traction.  They encompass several aspects of overall health by focusing on a proactive approach and balancing mind, body and spirit.
  • Many wellness programs focus only on physical health, which is just one dimension of overall health.
  • An effective wellness program contributes to over all quality of life, general happiness and increased length of time a resident can successfully live in an independent setting like San Camillo.
  • Wellness programs are voluntary, self-directed and individualized to address the personal goals that each resident wishes to accomplish.

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