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The St. Camillus Campus Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program is a professional education for ministry offering specialized training in geriatric spiritual care.  Through our intensive, small-group learning program and supervised ministry encounters, students and ministers of diverse cultures and religious backgrounds develop professional clinical ministry skills, interpersonal and inter-professional relationships skills, and a new awareness of themselves as ministers. Through the theological reflection process on specific human conditions and feedback from peers and teachers, our students gain a new understanding of ministry and the needs of those to whom they minister that can be applied to a variety of ministry settings.  Our programs are open to students of any spiritual background who have a vocational desire to support the spiritual needs of others and a passion to learn.
What are the elements of CPE at St. Camillus?
  • A minimum of 400 hours of pastoral and clinical training
  • A small group of culturally and religiously diverse peers in a common learning experience 
  • The actual practice of ministry to seniors, family members and staff
  • Detailed reporting and evaluation of that practice through clinical supervision 
  • A curriculum that focuses on the principles and foundations for Pastoral Formation, Reflection and Competence based on the ACPE Levels 1a through 2b Outcomes and Indicators
  • Learning to utilize Spiritual Assessment Models
  • Didactic Seminars, verbatims, reports and relevant reading
  • An integration of theoretical and theological perspectives on all elements of the program
  • Strengthening the purposeful living of our residents/clients through social and spiritual activities
  • An individual contract for learning consistent with the ACPE outcomes and indicators
  • Board Certification preparation and seminary formation

St. Camillus CPE Program

The St. Camillus CPE Program is committed to training pastoral care ministers and forming innovative and compassionate leaders in the field of health care education and is accredited by the ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care and Education.  The St. Camillus CPE Program offers training and curriculum based on the new ACPE outcomes and indicators for Level 1a, 1b, 2a, and 2b.  The St. Camillus CPE Program offers students learning at multiple levels within the same unit.

Level Ia and Ib CPE

Level 1a and 1b CPE addresses basic competencies and issues of pastoral reflection, pastoral formation, pastoral identity and functioning in one or more units of CPE.

Level IIa and IIb CPE

Level 2a and 2b CPE addresses advanced competencies and issues of pastoral function, reflection, and integration.  

The Certified Educator (CE) CPE

The Certified Educator (CE) CPE program serves to professionally educate, train, support and form Certified Educator Candidates (CEC) who are working towards certification as ACPE Certified Educators.

What Our Students Say about our Program

“I was a student at Nashotah House Theological Seminary in Nashotah, WI from the Fall of 2017 to the Spring of 2020 with the goal of becoming an Anglican priest. During the Summer of 2018, I spent my CPE learning and being formed under the direction of Fr. Jojo Orosa. I worked in Skilled Nursing and in part of the memory ward. Fr. Jojo was an excellent mentor who taught me many things about pastoral ministry and chaplaincy. The time I spent visiting and praying with the residents was incredibly forming. I would not be as affective at my job today had it not been for my time at St. Camillus. I feel CPE is crucial for everyone who is discerning the ministry or is in seminary, and I would quickly recommend St. Camillus over anywhere else. It is a program that builds a strong, solid foundation with a potential to grow into a long-lasting, fruitful ministry. One does not have to be Roman Catholic in order to be formed at St. Camillus, as they are open to working with all denominations, training all of God’s future ministers for their pastoral work in the world. Whether one plans on chaplaincy or working in a church setting, St. Camillus equips one for both. I am now a priest working in the Diocese of Fort Worth (ACNA). I am the Curate at St. Vincent’s Cathedral in Bedford, TX. My ministry is thriving and would not be what it is today if it was not for my formation at St. Camillus Campus.”

- Rev. Edward Fitzhugh, Diocese of Fort Worth (ACNA), CPE Class of 2018

What Our Students Say about our Program

"It is hard to put into words the impact that my experience with CPE at St. Camillus has had on me.  After coming from congregational ministry and corporate culture, I found my pastoral voice and had my pastoral gifts affirmed.  My experience with the education model and pastoral internship in the St. Camillus culture was excellent in formation of my chaplaincy identity and competence. It included professional development, professional ethics, context of ministry, collaboration with and feedback from teachers, mentors and peers, and an appropriate level of self-reflection. I developed skills in pastoral care that were beyond what I had imagined."

- Phyllis Palmer, Corporate Manager, CPE Class of 2016-2017

What Our Students Say about our Program

“The CPE program at St. Camillus was incredibly thorough and formative in preparing me for ministerial work. The program provided a good balance of support, while allowing us students the freedom and responsibility to test the waters of chaplain work. I am grateful for the opportunities I was able to have in sitting down with patients and putting prepared practices to task. I felt prepared to assist patients and their individual needs, and if I had questions or concerns, I could bring them to Fr. JoJo and the rest of our cohort to talk out alternative approaches. The task of writing verbatims and then going through them with the cohort was valuable, and helped me to grow and learn from my experiences. I would recommend this program to anyone considering doing CPE, and especially those looking for a very attentive and affirming pastoral care staff that is ready and enthusiastic to help the interns.”

- Megan Sheehan, Communications Coordinator for Marquette University Campus Ministry, CPE Class of 2017-2018

What Our Students Say about our Program

“My experience as a St. Camillus CPE student was a journey that helped shape me into the priest I am today.  There were days when I celebrated in joy and laughter and tough times when discovering something about myself was not easy to accept yet presented me with an opportunity for personal growth.  I learned the value of ministering to patients, my coworkers and to myself.  I am very grateful for Fr. Jojo, his ministry team, the many employees and residents of St. Camillus and my classmates who taught me to be amore compassionate and caring priest.” 

- Rev. Joe Stefancin, Diocese of Superior, CPE Class of 2019

What Our Students Say about our Program

“Experiential learning at St Camillus is the avenue for growth in Chaplaincy presented in a way that everyone can gain insight into the ministry. I am better equipped for serving after my time at St Camillus.”

- Elizabeth Reed, CPE Class of 2019-2020
"CPE at St. Camillus transformed my understanding of what it means to provide spiritual care and helped me gain confidence in my ability to offer that care. The classroom experience was both encouraging and challenging, helping me grow not only in knowledge and skills, but also courage and self-awareness. The diversity of students in my class was an unexpected gift, and my classmates provided valuable new perspectives on faithful care - and faithful living and serving."

- Jaime Larson-McLoone, Luther Seminary, CPE Class of 2019

What Our Students Say about our Program

"In 2015, Fr. Jojo Orosa invited me to interview for a Student Chaplain opening in his CPE Program. Fr. Jojo is an outstanding instructor; and he is deeply spiritual and profoundly insightful. The training is rigorous and challenging, as well it should be. I experienced the training as a sifting and winnowing, designed to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Fr. Jojo challenged me to think about what I was reflecting on as I met with patients or their families, and how I was reacting to what I was hearing them say. The verbatims that were required to be presented in class were one of the most challenging aspects of my training. I had to consider how others were perceiving what I was sharing, and to listen with an open mind to the constructive criticism that my classmates and Fr. Jojo would offer. I enjoyed meeting with Fr. Jojo for evaluations, knowing that he would offer thought-provoking guidance which was meant to help me. The training helped me to keep my heart open to God and where He wanted to lead me. I utilize my CPE training everyday while serving as a hospital chaplain and I know that Fr. Jojo’s teaching has made me a better chaplain than I ever could have been of my own volition. I am so grateful that God led me to St. Camillus for CPE training."

- Kathleen King, Lead Chaplain-Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, CPE Class of 2015-2016, 2016-2017

What Our Students Say about our Program

"My experience in the Clinical Pastoral Education program at St. Camillus was exceptional.  The program taught me so much about being present, listening intently, and holding space for the residents and their stories. The program is well designed and gets to the heart of the matter in my getting to know myself better, my strengths as well as my weaknesses.  I was able to see how this passion is a gift to be shared with others. I cannot say enough about the mentoring I received from Father Jojo and the other staff chaplains. This program and the experience I gained provided a foundation for my work as an on-call hospital chaplain and now as a Minister of Congregational Care at my church, Fox River Congregational Church in Pewaukee, WI."

- Jacquelyn (Jacquie) Quirk, MACL, Minister of Congregational Care, CPE Class of 2017-2018

What Our Students Say about our Program

"It's been a little over a year since my Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) experience at St. Camillus. Father JoJo brought together a diverse group for the ten-week program in the summer of 2019. When we returned to our homes to continue our studies and ministries, we stayed in touch, sharing our good news and bad, and our prayers for healing, comfort and safety.  My CPE experience in the hospice unit at St. Camillus taught me how important it is to be truly present with someone at the end of life, listening and respecting the silence."

- Kathi Matthews-Risley, Wartburg Seminarian, CPE Class of 2019

When do we offer CPE?

St. Camillus offers two units of CPE in one year and offers flexibility to accommodate students who require virtual learning with sensitivity to the training needs and goals of the students.

Summer Program

Eleven weeks of intensive training starting on the last week of May ending on the second week of Aug. Students typically meet Monday - Friday for group education and clinical ministry.

Program dates: May 27, 2024 - Aug. 9, 2024
Currently accepting applications.

Extended Program

Six months of training starting on the first Thursday in October and ending on the last Thursday of March. Students will meet on Thursdays for group education.

Program dates: October 3, 2024 - March 27, 2025
Currently accepting applications.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Download the application form here
  2. Complete application form and its required essays
  3. Send your application materials to by email to Rev. Jojo Orosa at or by mail to: St. Camillus CPE Program, 10101 West Wisconsin Ave., Wauwatosa, WI 53226

This ACPE accredited program does not discriminate against persons because of race, ethnicity, religious/spiritual tradition, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability.


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