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COVID-19 Update

July 29, 2021

Updated CDC and WI Department of Health Service Guidance

Today the WI Department of Health Services and the CDC recommended that all areas seeing a rise in Covid-19 Delta Variant cases consider returning to a “Mask Up” policy for all indoor activity, both for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. As of today, Milwaukee County is considered to be at high risk (a heightened level from yesterday’s substantial risk level).

Policy update at San Camillo: All visitors and staff are required to properly wear facemasks/face coverings, regardless of vaccination status.

Given that over 95% of our residents have been vaccinated, we believe that at this time, we can safely invite residents to wear a facemask or face covering. However, face coverings will not be mandated for residents at this time. If you have any health or personal concerns regarding Covid-19, we encourage you to join us by “Masking Up.”

Please understand that as with all things Covid-19 related, protocols may change in the future.

As always, thank you for your cooperation and patience!

Julie Leveritt, Independent Living Administrator


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