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Health Brief

May 24, 2021

One thing is certain, change, both good and bad, is a part of life. That couldn’t be more true than over these past 15 months. First we were told, “Don’t wear a mask” then it was “Wear a mask” and “Social Distance”, then “Two masks are better than one”, then “Get vaccinated, but still wear your masks”, and now “If you are vaccinated, it is OK to take your mask off and get back to living life”. Is it any wonder some of us are confused and wary? Is anyone else feeling a little “naked” without your mask?

As Covid-19 cases continue to fall, and those being fully vaccinated rise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is loosening their advisory regarding face mask wearing. The science is confirming that mask wearing is no longer necessary for those who are fully vaccinated. Long story short… the vaccines are working and we can resume living life as we did “Pre-Covid”. As of May 20, San Camillo is no longer requiring residents to wear face coverings in common areas. As many of you already know the dining room is open and ready to serve you breakfast, lunch or dinner. Activities are in abundance… so many choices. Daily Mass and spiritual practices are without restrictions. Visitors are welcome, however, we are asking visitors and employees to wear their masks for a bit longer.

Just like donning a facemask took some getting accustomed to, so will it be going mask-less. Give yourself some time to get adjusted. Try it…. You just might like it. I can’t wait to see what everyone really looks like! Did you know Josh has a beard? – I had no idea. (If you recall I started here at the height of the pandemic and the masking requirement.)

GREAT NEWS…We have secured Metta Massage to come to San Camillo the 2nd (and 4th) Tuesday of the month to offer chair, hand or foot massage. Call me (x-4681) to secure your appointment. $15 for 15 minutes. Payment made directly to Metta Massage. Available to residents, family and interested staff.

We are collaborating with Carroll University Physical Therapy students for a Win-Win opportunity. You get the opportunity to help students learn while having a FREE one hour Physical Therapy session. While your instructor guided student get to learn real life skills in assisting clients. Come with questions, leave with answers. You can bring your assistive device have it properly fitted, get a tune up, and stay for fun.

Mark your calendars

  • May 24, June 7, 14:  Mat-Based Yoga 1:15 pm - Fitness center
  • May 24, June 2, 7, 9: Silver Sneakers Ener-Chi 2:30 pm - O’Donnell Room
  • May 28, June 4, 11: Silver Sneakers Chair Yoga 3:00 pm - O’Donnell Room
  • June 8, July 13: Metta Massage - lower level office
  • June 8 - Aug 3: Carroll University Wellness & Walker Tune up Clinic

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