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May 30, 2022

The St. Camillus Co-Op

Introducing a new initiative...

St. Camillus Life Plan Community introduces new St. Camillus Serves initiative, the St. Camillus Co-op.  

On May 25th,St. Camillus team members celebrated the opening of the St. Camillus Co-op, a hospitality center for families and volunteers and the place where St. Camillus will store and distribute food collected from their campus wide food drives.  Earlier in the year, St. Camillus hosted their first Tony Brazil Memorial Food Drive, collecting nearly 1,000 pounds of food for employees who may be facing challenges making ends meet with the state of the current economy.  The food raised for the Tony Brazil Food Drive was distributed at the Co-op opening. The St. Camillus Co-op is conveniently located in their South Residence Assisted Living Residence and was launched on the birthday of their founder, St. Camillus De Lellis.  

St. Camillus Serves was created to give a framework and structure to their Mission Initiatives work at St. Camillus.  The idea is that all outreach and service happening on and off campus benefitting residents, employees and the community is done under the “umbrella” of St. Camillus Serves.  The St. Camillus Co-cop is a cooperative organization where people work together to benefit all members.  At St. Camillus, “Co” stands for community and compassion (two of their core values) and “Op” stands for opportunity to serve.  

To learn more about St. Camillus Life Plan Community and their mission driven community, call 414-259-6310.

About St. Camillus: As a not-for-profit, St. Camillus Life Plan Community is dedicated to providing quality and compassionate services to seniors through their mission driven workforce. St. Camillus has been proudly serving southeastern Wisconsin for over 90 years.

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