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May 28, 2020

Celebrating Milestones During Quarantine

San Camillo couple celebrate a special milestone during quarantine...

St. Camillus Life Plan Community celebrates resident milestones by providing meaningful moments during quarantine.

St. Camillus recognizes the pain and strain of being away from loved ones and is committed to working with residents and families to create special memories, especially for monumental moments in their lives.  The next month includes many hallway birthday celebrations along with a milestone 90th birthday and 65th wedding anniversary!  St. Camillus has encouraged family members to let them know of any upcoming occasions so staff can surprise the residents with a special celebration.  

Last week, a couple in St. Camillus’ Independent Living celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  Their children coordinated with St. Camillus staff and had musical entertainment by culinary team member Enzo, a picture board and dancing.  Staff knocked on their door and walked the couple to their floor lounge where the musical entertainment and cupcakes were set up. The couple danced and enjoyed the music together while reminiscing over pictures from their wedding day.  Their children even sent a corsage and boutonniere for the occasion.  

“We are so glad we can contribute and be apart of these celebrations.  The well-being of our residents is our top priority and it’s great to see the joyon their faces each time.”  - Julie Leveritt, St. Camillus Independent Living Administrator

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As a not-for-profit, St. Camillus Life Plan Community is dedicated to providing quality and compassionate services to seniors. St. Camillus has been proudly serving southeastern Wisconsin for over 90 years.

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