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October 5, 2021

A New Partnership!

Mount Mary University's Dietetic Department working with our residents...

Wauwatosa - St. Camillus Life Plan Community announces a new partnership with Mount Mary University and their Dietetic Department.

Senior level students will be consulting with Independent Living residents at St. Camillus to offer nutrition counseling as part of their upcoming work-study program.  Residents will sign up for a series of  sessions to receive an analysis of their intake, sample menus specific to their needs, a review of their medications and potential food interactions, an overview of general nutrition information and an understanding of the latest news concerning nutrition.

Sessions will take place through November 10th.  Each resident will meet with the dietetic students for three informational sessions.  The first session includes a collection of resident nutrition related information and a discussion of their needs.  During session two, students will provide personalized nutritional advice for the residents.  Session three will beheld for a follow up discussion and questions. 

St. Camillus offers a six-dimensional Revitalize Wellness program that encompasses several aspects of overall health by focusing on a proactive approach and balancing mind, body and spirit.  The Revitalize Wellness program is designed to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle with a goal of achieving a higher quality of life for all residents.

If you would like to learn more about our Life Plan Community and our specialty programming, please call 414-259-6310.

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As a not-for-profit, St. Camillus Life Plan Community is dedicated to providing quality and compassionate services to seniors. St. Camillus has been proudly serving southeastern Wisconsin for over90 years.

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