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Message from Fr. Pedro Tramontin

March 20, 2020

Dear Friends,

As I was thinking about what is unique about St. Camillus Campus, one thing that came to my mind was the challenge and opportunities that the coronavirus presents. As we face this epidemic, we encounter so many people that are able to put aside their own interest to help others. They decided to put their life on hold to help and serve. It makes a big difference, creating an environment where everybody can succeed. We want to let you know how much we appreciate all that you are doing.

We now face a significant threat and, as you know, we went through other difficulties in the past and we overcame them, mostly not because of individual action but because we worked as a team. That is what I am experiencing here at St. Camillus Campus; a team working hard in order to better serve our residents, staff, and families.

We are thankful for your amazing commitment, hard work, professionalism and dedication.  We cannot imagine a greater privilege than leading an organization with such incredible accomplishments and inspirational people. Thank you for working to exceed the high standards we set for ourselves and your efforts to work together so we can stay true to our mission.

I hope that we can use this as a learning opportunity to foster the best qualities each of us possess. We will continue to pray – especially to understand what it means to “love your neighbor” as Jesus taught us. St. Camillus led us to understand this commandment of love with his own life and the legacy of treating each other as we would treat Jesus Himself. That is what makes St. Camillus Campus unique and special.

May Jesus, the Divine Healer, bless you all and give you strength to carry this beautiful mission of Healing the Sick.  May all your family and loved ones be blessed abundantly.

Fr. Pedro Tramontin

Provincial Delegate and President

* The picture is of Jesus the Healer

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