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An Update from St. Camillus

July 27, 2020

Spirit of St. Camillus

Each year during Feast Week, St. Camillus honors employees by awarding a deserving team member the the Spirit of St. Camillus Award. The Spirit of St. Camillus Award was created 6 years ago to highlight staff whose work reflects the mission and core values of St. Camillus. Our core values include holistic care, compassion, community and hope. The winner is selected by a committee consisting of members of the Camillian Order, the St. Camillus Leadership team and the St. Camillus Make the Difference Team. 

The Spirit of St. Camillus winner for 2020 is Connie G. Connie has worked as a Restorative Aide in our Skilled Nursing since 2012. Connie’s coworkers describe her as “humble, compassionate and kind.” Many say she lives the mission and delivers care from her heart. Connie even spends her spare time volunteering at St. Camillus helping the residents wherever and whenever she can. Congratulations Connie!

Volunteer of the Year

Please join us in congratulating Linda Fox, 2020 St. Camillus Volunteer of the Year, and Katie Verdeyen, 2020 Resident Advisory Council (RAC) Volunteer of the Year!

Linda Fox:

Linda’s volunteering on campus includes Memories in the Making, Lay Camillian Family, and running the Charming Treasures gift shop. Volunteering has more or less become her hobby. When asked why volunteering is so meaningful to her, Linda replied, “The call to servant-hood is a guiding star in my life, and an important aspect of living the Gospel. Being singled out for volunteering takes me out of my comfort zone. But thank you for this humbling honor.”  

Katie Verdeyen:

After losing her husband Joe, Katie started to deliver menus to other residents, and then found other ways to help her San Camillo neighbors. Being able to meet and get to know other residents has been very helpful to Katie. She soon became very busy on campus: Leading Rosary and Novena, Prayer Chain, Craft Committee, and checking in on residents confined to their apartments. Katie was hesitant to accept this award, but reconsidered because she would like to be an example to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren so they can better understand the rewards of helping others.

Congratulations to Linda and Katie and thank you to ALL of our volunteers who make a difference in the lives of our residents!

COVID-19 Communication

We wanted to provide you with an update on our COVID-19 testing. We continue to test our staff working in our Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Memory Care buildings every week. We have received the results from this week’s testing, and four employees tested positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing was completed per CDC guidelines, and no residents had a significant exposure from any of these positive staff members. All staff who are positive for COVID-19 or have had a significant exposure to a person with COVID-19 are at home quarantining and monitoring any symptoms. Employees who tested positive worked in the following areas: Jesuit Community, Health Center, Select Rehab and Home Health Services.    

As mentioned yesterday, our last round of weekly testing for all Skilled Nursing residents showed all resident results as negative. We have now completed 2 weeks of testing COVID-free which means our Skilled Nursing residents will not be tested unless they become symptomatic or after hospitalizations. New admissions to our Skilled Nursing will continue to be tested. 

Visit our website, www.stcam.com, for the latest updates and news. As always, please call or email us with any questions.

Thank you for your continued support,

Kevin Schwab, Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Angell, Chief Operating Officer

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