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San Camillo Update

June 10, 2020

Beauty Shop: Finally we will all be lovely again!  The Beauty Shop will begin seeing clients on June 15th.  The plan is have a two week catch up period by having an additional stylist.  PS Salon, operators of the shop, have implemented significant changes to ensure all necessary precautions are in place.  The PS Salon team will call residents Friday and Saturday to schedule appointments.  They will begin with their regular clients, followed by calling on residents.

Verizon Upgrade: The crane located in the parking lot off of 103rd Street is being utilized by Verizon to upgrade their system to 5G.  The plan was to have a crane here for one day and be located as close to the building as possible.  Unfortunately, the crane broke down before it was in the correct position.  This also caused a two day delay.  Thank you for your patience!  The project will be complete by tomorrow.

WE Energies: WE Energies have been here for the past couple of weeks.  The project was to establish a gas tie in for the East Residence and upgrade the gas line to San Camillo.  This project also had a few challenges.  We did not expect garages 1 and 2 to be closed on Monday.  The project required the hot water to be turned off for two hours.  The plan was to turn the hot water off very early in the morning and be back on before residents were up.  The project had a hiccup which caused the hot water to be off for several hours.  Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.  The good news is this project will be completed today.

Parking and Front Entrance: The parking spaces on the east of the lot facing Bluemound Rd will open on Monday.  There will be approximately 20 spaces.  Beginning June 15th the lot in the front of our entrance will be closed for resurfacing, replacing the existing sidewalks and curbs.  The spaces west of the entrance will remain open, however there may be times when a construction vehicle will block cars from leaving.

All cars parked in the west portion entrance lot will have to be moved by June 14th.   You may park in the newly opened spots, if you do, you will have to walk to the Bluemound Road sidewalk to enter San Camillo.  Also please access these parking spaces off of Bluemound Road. We are encouraging you to park in the back of San Camillo.  The additional locks on garage entry doors will be removed.

The parking lot in the front of San Camillo will be completed by July 4th.  Please stop by the lobby and look at the site map or call us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Dining: We are working on a dining room re-opening plan.  Our target date is July 6th.  The dining experience will be quite different.  We are confident we will be able to provide a wonderful experience that follows the safety precautions.

Fitness Center: Fitness classes have resumed and are very popular!  We have added another class next week.  Residents are welcome to use the Fitness Center by appointment only.  Please call Emily Lopez to reserve a time.

Podiatrist: Our visiting podiatrist is now back to his regular schedule and will be visiting residents in the privacy of their apartment.

Our community is moving forward in a safe and positive path.  Our sincere THANK YOU for your patience, understanding and support.  Our sincere goal is to keep our residents and team members safe.

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