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Message from San Camillo Administration

March 13, 2020

Our update meeting scheduled for today is cancelled.  Our agenda is updates on infection control and construction.   Below is an outline of the measures we have in place to protect our community.

What steps we are taking-

  • Monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control, our local health department and government, on the COVID-19 (Corona) virus.
  • Restricting visitors to San Camillo.  Caregivers and family members who provide medically necessary care for their loved one will be allowed access.

Everyone entering San Camillo will be actively screened, including returning residents, employees, contractors and caregivers.  Active screens include a series of questions and a temperature check.   Should a resident answer yes to one of the screening questions or has a temperature, they will be instructed to remain in their apartment.  Our nurse will follow up with a phone call. Should an employee or contractor answer yes to one of the questions or has a temperature they will be not be permitted to enter San Camillo.

  • San Camillo residents will not be able to visit residents in the North and South residences.  Resident shuttle service has been suspended.
  • Outside entertainment, instructors and volunteers as well as all outings have been cancelled through mid-April.  We will re-evaluate this at a future date.
  • San Camillo dining room is restricted to residents only.   Please note our traditional Easter Brunch will be open to residents only and will not be a buffet.
  • Dining room staff will be sanitizing all shared items before each meal period.  This includes menus, salt and pepper shakers, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer packets will be at each table setting.
  • The dining room will open for seating before meal times.  Service times will not change.  This is to avoid the line of residents waiting to enter.
  • To further avoid congestion in the dining room, we are eliminating the “to go” option.  Meals can be delivered and delivery charge will be waived.  Call 259-7991 to your meal for delivery.
  • Inventory of essential items will be increased in the Blue Mound Market
  • Eliminating large group activities.  For example, we will be offering matinees and evening movies.   Groups will be limited to 25 or less attendees, decreasing congestion.
  • In place staffing and meal contingencies are in place should an outbreak occur
  • Staff is delivering groceries to residents who have placed on-line orders with outside vendors.
  • Informational letters have been sent to 1st contact family members and we are asking that family member to share the information in the letter. Updates are available on our website; www.stcam.com
  • Tours and depositors visits have been discontinued.

What steps you should be taking-

  • Frequent hand washing
  • Staying in your apartment when you are not feeling well
  • Covering the nose and  mouth while sneezing with elbow or tissueSecure a 30-60 day supply of medication
  • Stocking up on essentials, refer to the suggested list distributed yesterday.
  • Limiting your trips off campus.
  • Please ask your families and friends not to visit at this time.  We will assist you with Skyping, a computer program that allows you to visit your relatives on the computer.
  • Please ask questions!

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