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Birthday Celebration

April 1, 2020

San Camillo will have a fiber optic upgrade this evening.  If your phone is on the San Camillo network, you will experience an outage of services from 12:00am - 2:00am.  Phones, internet and personalized emergency response systems (BOB), will not be working.

If you have AT&T phone, your services will be interrupted from 2:00am - 6:00am.

Phones will work internally.  Please call the desk (6300) or pull your emergency pull cord if you need asssitance.

If you have employed an outside caregiver and that caregiver works at another facility they will not be allowed into San Camillo.  This change is made to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Please check with your caregiver and if she/he is working in another facility, please know you will need to arrange for alternative care.  Please contact Nurse Lee at 414.259.4681 if you have any questions.  

Please discourage your loved ones from dropping items off for you.  We are working on procedures to safely process deliveries prior to being brought into the building, including packages and groceries.  Please remember we have most everything you need right here and if we don’t have it, we will order it.

We have asked all visitors and employees to use the front entrance to ensure everyone entering the building is screened.  To ensure everyone is checking in at the main entrance, we have locked the entry doors in the back of San Camillo.  Your key will not work.  No visitors will be able to enter the garage entry doors.  The only entry into the building is the front entrance.  If you leave out of the back door, you will be locked out and have to walk around to the front of San Camillo.  This new measure will help us to keep everyone screened and safe!

As the COVID-19 virus continues to grip our nation and our state, we will continue to follow the recommendations from the CDC, Wauwatosa Health Department and other experts.

Thank you for your support during this trying time.  Your words of encouragement and kind notes have supported us during this journey.

Please feel free to reach out to use if we can be of any service.  The San Camillo team is dedicated to keeping you safe.


Julie Leveritt, Independent Living Administrator

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