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An Update from St. Camillus

June 23, 2020

To our St. Camillus families:

Yesterday our Skilled Nursing Health Center was surveyed by the State of Wisconsin. We are proud to announce that we received confirmation that our Skilled Nursing has completed a cite free infection control focused survey!

Nursing homes in Wisconsin are required to operate under rules enacted by the Federal government and the State of Wisconsin. Surveyors from the Wisconsin Division of Quality Assurance conduct random and unexpected inspections at each nursing home at least once every 9 to 15 months to determine if the nursing home is in compliance with State and Federal rules. Nursing homes can be cited with a violation or "deficiency" when surveyors determine that a nursing home is not compliant. Surveyors will make post survey visits to ensure violations have been corrected or to continue to investigate if needed.

Congratulations to our Skilled Nursing team on this great accomplishment! During a time where these measures are now more than ever vital, we are sincerely grateful for our dedicated and compassionate team members who work around the clock to ensure the safety and health of our residents.


Kevin Schwab, Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Angell, Chief Operating Officer

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