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Health Brief

April 15, 2020

It is not uncommon to feel more fatigued during this time. There are several reasons… the main being that your routine is thrown off. The world is functioning at a different pace and so are you. Our internal clocks aka: circadian rhythm is off. Best thing you can do is to keep as much of a “normal” routine as possible. Wake at the same, eat and dress as usual etc. etc. Your body will adapt and the fatigue will subside.

Exercise #3: Squats.  (yes I know, yuck ! But they are THE best exercise.)

  • This one will be done each and every time you sit into a chair.
  • With feet flat on the floor at a comfortable hip width apart.
  • Feel the chair with the backs of your legs.
  • Reach back for the arm of the chair to ensure safety.
  • Stick your backside (butt, tush, rump) out bending at your knees. (a very “unlady” like posture)
  • As you bend your knees and stick out your butt,
  • S  L  O  W  L  Y lower yourself into the chair.

Hint: the rule here is NO Plopping into the chair. Do this carefully and slowly. Your thighs, hips and abdominal muscles will feel it. Eventually we will work to being able to do this without holding onto the arm of the chair.

Answers: correction… starts with “H” – Humbug (not Hooey)

  • Groaner: What do you call a duck that robs? a “Robber” duck
  • TV Time: “You Rang?”…  Addams Family/Lurch
  • “The thrill of victory… the agony of defeat.”…Wide World of Sports/Jim McKay
  • “Just one more thing…” …Columbo/Columbo

Whacky Wednesday…answer the riddle: Mary is the first resident to move into a newly built complex. She lives on the 10th floor. Every morning she takes the elevator to the ground floor and goes to work. Every evening, however, she gets off on the seventh floor and walks up 3 flights stairs to her apartment? Why does she do this?

What are you grateful for today?  Dinner was ready to eat when I got home yesterday… that was so nice.

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