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Health Brief

April 21, 2020

To begin decluttering, take a look at your routines, and commitments.  

Commitments: Write down all of your commitments. Be certain to include volunteer and paid work, religious and civic responsibilities, friends, family and hobby time.  Reflect on each one. Do they bring you peace? Are they worth the amount of time you invest in it? Basically, identify those tasks that bring you joy and those that do not. For those that do not, ask yourself … “Can I do without this?”  Learn how to say “no”.  Quite simply… “Thank you. I am honored that you would invite/ask/include me, but at this time I must decline.”

Routines: Without structure our lives can feel chaotic and less productive. Having a routine helps you develop habits, save time and attain goals. A schedule brings a sense of calm and peace to your life.  Develop a daily routine and to stick to it. Wake, dress, meditate/pray, do activities and sleep at the same times.   Write down your daily and weekly obligations (don’t forget date night and “me” time). Can you batch some tasks together? (ie: enjoy my coffee and read the paper)  Post the list where you can see it often and try to stick to it.

Answers to Monday Moaners:

  • Why don’t skunks take orders? (Help I lost the answer! ..seriously!)
  • Why did the cookie go to the nurse? It felt “crummy”
  • What school subject was the witch’s favorite? Spelling
  • How to vampires start letters? Tomb it may concern…

Twisted Tuesday: Can you solve this..

  • What must be broken before you can use it?
  • What is in front of you but cannot be seen?

What are you grateful for today?

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