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Health Brief

September 4, 2020

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Sadly, the state of Wisconsin has seen a 40% increase in deaths from suicide since 2000. (Last year 850 Wisconsin souls died by suicide.) In order to prevent suicide we must gain a better understanding of what leads one to consider suicide and what can be done to prevent self-harming behaviors. Everyone can take action to prevent suicide and… ‘hashtag’-- “#bethe1to” ask, “#bethe1to” be there, “#bethe1to” keep them safe, “#bethe1to” help them connect, “#bethe1to” follow up, and ultimately leading to Be The One To help save a life. (www.bethe1to.com)

Five action steps for helping someone in emotional pain

  1. Ask: Asking the question “Are you thinking about suicide?” communicates that you’re open to speaking about suicide in a non-judgmental and supportive way.
  2. Be there: This could mean being physically present for someone, speaking with them on the phone when you can, or any other way that shows support for the person at risk. Listen carefully and learn what the individual is thinking and feeling.
  3. Keep them safe: Reducing a suicidal person’s access to highly lethal items or places is an important part of suicide prevention. While this is not always easy, asking if the at-risk person has a plan and removing or disabling the lethal means can make a difference.
  4. Help them connect: Helping someone with thoughts of suicide connect with ongoing supports can help them establish a safety net for those moments they find themselves in a crisis. These supports could be a family member, friend, spiritual advisor, or mental health professional.
  5. Follow-up: After your initial contact with a person experiencing thoughts of suicide, and after you’ve connected them with the immediate support systems they need, make sure to follow-up with them to see how they’re doing.

Regarding Flu shots at San Camillo:

If anyone has ANY questions about the Influenza Vaccine for this year (2020), please contact me at the Revitalize Wellness Center or by phone 259-4681. Currently all appointments are filled and there is a waitlist. At this time, if you are on the waitlist, I encourage you to explore other options of getting your annual flu shot. (ex: Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, doctor office etc.) For those who have an appointment here at San Camillo, please note that I need to “juggle” the schedule a little bit. We will be keeping the dates of Oct. 5 and Oct. 7 … only the times will change. You will be getting individual reminder cards with your appointment date and time. Expect it no later than 9/11/20. Please make certain you keep your appointment. If you cannot keep your appointment, or if you take the opportunity to get your annual flu shot from another source, PLEASE make certain you notify me as soon as possible.

OMG Factiods: Did you know… (Thanks for sharing this Mike B. and Peggy Lee.)

  • Most bank robberies occur on Fridays.
  • Women blink twice as frequently as men do.
  • French Fries were actually invented in Belgium.
  • Launched in 1992, August 13th was Left-Handers Day. …. Dang it? I missed it!

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