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Health Brief

July 28, 2020

Time to start up some exciting programing. (All of them with a healthy twist of course.) Here is a brief explanation of upcoming opportunities.

  1. Boost Your Brain & Memory – we have finished our first series and many of the participants said, “Enjoyed it very much.” “So much to learn, I could do it all over again.” This 7-week workshop is about total brain health, not just brain games.
  2. A Matter of Steppin’ UP (with Lee) - we have started our second 6-week series. Participants continue to be amazed at what can be done to prevent falling. Falls are NOT a normal part of aging. Come learn what you can do to change the “Stinkin’ Thinkin” regarding falls and the older adult.
  3. Hearing aid tune up & Hearing Screenings - free hearing aid “tune-up”, cleaning, and battery changes. In August, Greg will also provide free hearing screenings.
  4. Flu Shots - With the need to conserve medical resources for Coronavirus patients, getting your influenza vaccine (aka: flu shot) is doubly important this year. We will have both high dose and regular dose flu vaccine available.
  5. Walk with Ease - An Arthritis Foundation program that is proven to reduce the pain of arthritis and improve your overall health. Combines didactic learning and a walk around the neighborhood.
  6. Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring - designed for people with hypertension who want to take control and lower their blood pressure. Combines 1:1 coaching, self-monitoring, and 3 nutrition seminars.
  7. Las Botanas - a fancy way of saying snack time. Lee’s version of “Lunch and Learn”. We will have a light, healthy snack and learn about various health topics.
  8. (pending) Chair Massage - nothing like a little self-care. What better way than a chair massage? Reservations are being accepted for both employees and residents. Sessions will be in the Revitalize Wellness office. Payment will go directly to the Licensed Massage Therapist.

Check out the hot pink 3-ring binder next to the weekly activities folder. If you see something that interests you, sign up for the program. As soon as we have enough people interested we will start that program.

Answers to Thursday “Threezers”

  • Photos, Fingers, Football - They are snapped
  • Mountain ridges, Ruffles, Rigatoni - They have ridges
  • A bookie, A bed, A jelly company - They have spreads

Tuesday Funnies:

  • What do you call an alligator in a vest?
  • What do you call a lazy Kangaroo?
  • What did the bra say to the hat?

What will you do, “Just for Today”? “It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into doing” - Mother Teresa

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