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Health Brief

June 10, 2020

The newest statistics surrounding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) are looking both interesting and very promising. The daily reports from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services laboratory show confirmed Covid cases (reported to the Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System) are improving.

  • To date WI has a cumulative total of confirmed cases = 21,308 (This total is no surprise as testing has increased.)
  • Although the total number of confirmed cases is climbing (completely expected) the day by day new case totals remains fairly steady...no spikes.
  • Here is the great news: The percent of positive cases compared to total tested is ona steady DECLINE. Yesterday it was 1.9%. Compare this to influenza’s 2.5% and the 10% we were once facing with Covid-19.
  • The cumulative total of deaths related to Covid is rising (L) but the daily death rates remain flat. Which means WE DID IT! We flattened the curve!
  • Data is showing death rates are greater among white 68% compared to black 25%, Asian 3%, American Indian 1%, or multiple/other race -1%.
  • Men (55%) continue to be slightly more affected by Covid compared to women (45%).

If you are interested in seeing this report, I can share the web link.

Answers to Friday Factoids from 6/5...

  • In what year did this US Secretary State outline the“Marshall Plan” to rebuild Western Europe? - 1947 / George Marshall
  • The Six Day War begins between this Country and Arab neighbors Egypt, Jordan and Syria? Can you name the year? - Israel / 1967
  • 1981 - This pandemic officially begins in California,USA? - AIDS
  • 2004, What US President dies from complications due to Alzheimer Disease? – Ronald Reagan

Whacky Wednesday Wonders:

  • How do monsters like their eggs?
  • Why did milking stools only have 3 legs?
  • Stop making me laugh… you’ll make me “puma” pants!

Enjoy the Day!

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