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Health Brief

May 22, 2020

Hello Wow what a week! Sorry for the delay in the Health Brief. One thing for certain is that change happens and spring is in the air. I have great news to share – especially for those who use hearing aids. On Tuesday, May 26th, Greg Haase from Elite Hearing Centers will be available by appointment to provide free hearing aid service and cleaning. Examples of services he can provide are:

  • Cleaning
  • Battery changing
  • Filter replacement
  • Testing to insure it is functioning properly.

These appointments will be held between 9:30 am and 12 noon in the Wellness Center office (apartment 101). Reservations are required and can be made by contacting Jane at the front desk (x- 3778) or Jill (x- 6300).

We are also gearing for a “30-Days to Better Health” Challenge. Based on premise that it takes thirty days to build a habit, residents and San Camillo employees are invited to join the challenge for “bragging rights” on the Champion wall of fame. Details to follow.

Answers from last week’s Friday Factoids:

  • Susan B Anthony & Elisabeth Cady Stanton started this movement in New York in 1869. - National Woman Suffrage Association
  • 1940, San Bernardino, CA two brothers started this famous fast food restaurant? - Dick and Maurice McDonald
  • The USSR begins withdrawing troops from this country in 1988? - Afghanistan
  • Jessica Watson was the youngest person to do this in 2010? - Sail around the world non-stop unassisted.

Thursday Threezers: What do these 3 items have in common?

  • Multiplication problems, Bowling score, Roman numerals
  • Morse Code, Pac-man Game, Web address
  • Pockets, Grapes, Guitars
  • Point, Click, Drag

What will you do “Just For Today?

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