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Health Brief

March 16, 2020

As older Americans are urged to self-isolate as much as possible it is important to stay as up to date with the facts about Coronavirus (COVID-19). Here is what you can do help yourself and your neighbors during this time:

  1. For those who are internet savvy make certain you are reading from “credible sources” the easiest way to do this is to avoid anything ending with .com.  “.com” sites are for profit sites and are usually trying to sell something. Try these sources for reliable and credible information about COVID-19: www.cdc.gov, www.who.int, or www.dhs.wisconsin.gov.
  2. Practice good personal hygiene and hand washing. (if using hand sanitizer make certain it contains at least 60% alcohol). However, the gold standard remains good old fashioned soap and running water. Avoid touching your face and mouth and eyes. These are all points of entry for the virus.
  3. Check with your doctor office BEFORE you head out for the appointment. Perhaps the visit can wait until the peak of the spread has passed. It is not so much that you are going out but it is about what you are bringing back with you. Including microscopic “hitch hikers”.

Keep yourself busy. This is a GREAT time to accomplish all those “get around it” tasks. Today’s challenge: Have you gone through that stack of mail you have been meaning to but never “got around to it”?

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