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Health Brief

March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Are you “putting on some green”?

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From the World Health Organization (WHO): Thermal scanners are effective in detecting people who have developed a fever However, they cannot detect people who are not yet sick with fever. This is because it takes between 2 and 10 days before people who are infected to become sick and develop a fever.”

This is why we strongly encourage you to think twice about heading out to places. Although we screen everyone entering this building. It is possible that you picked up a “Hitchhiker”.  You may not feel sick at time you visit with your neighbors but you could be in what I call the “pre-symptomatic” phase. We need you to be conscientious of this. Social distancing is a great way to protect yourself and others. Remember PE class?... when we had to fan out by spreading ourselves at arm’s length?  Can we do the same now?

Did you get to that mail pile yesterday? Today is another opportunity to take a “poke” at it.

Today’s challenge: Can you solve these Irish puns? Maybe you will need to finally call that old friend you have been meaning to and ask them.

  • How can you tell if an Irishman is having a good time?
  • Who is Irish and lives on your porch?
  • When is an Irish potato NOT an Irish potato?

Good Luck you will have to wait until to tomorrow to learn the answers…

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