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Health Brief

March 18, 2020

Good Morning. Were you able to answer those riddles from yesterday?

Our President has encouraged everyone to limit their gatherings to less than 10 persons in a group. You will be happy to know that St. Camillus leadership has already taken these precautions. When comparing 2 countries, South Korea and Italy, the country that limited group size numbers (South Korea) had less spread of the Coronavirus than the country that did not (Italy). Social Distancing makes a difference.  It helps limit the spread of this virus. We would be wise to follow South Korea’s example. If you can touch someone…. You are too close. Take a step back.

Answers to yesterday’s riddles:

  • An Irishman is having a good time because he will be “Dublin” over with laughter.
  • “Paddy-O-Furniture” lives on your porch and finally
  • An Irish potato is not… when it becomes a French Fry.

Don’t forget to call that old friend back and tell them answers.

Lent is a season of fasting, prayer and almsgiving. Almsgiving is not solely in the form of money.

Your challenge for today: Go through your closets and drawers. Do you have any clothes that you haven’t worn in past year? Perhaps it is time to donate it.

Today’s riddle:  You have me today but tomorrow you will have more. As your time passes, I am not easy to store. I don’t take up space, however I am only in one place. I am what you saw but not in what you see. What am I?

Good Luck.

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