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Health Brief

March 23, 2020

Good Morning. Were you able to answer last week’s riddle?

Answer to last week’s riddle:  You have me today but tomorrow you will have more. As your time passes, I am not easy to store. I don’t take up space, however I am only in one place. I am what you saw but not in what you see. What am I? A Memory

As we navigate through this “unchartered” time we need to remind ourselves that everyone copes with difficulty in different ways. There is no ONE right way or wrong way. Just as we are all individuals so too is the way we cope with difficult events. As we take measures to protect our physical health, we also need to protect our emotional self. It is normal to feel some anxiety right now… that is what will motivate us to wash our hands and practice social distancing.

However, unproductive worry and anxiety can make our minds spin in all kinds of directions. Just like binge eating too much birthday cake is healthy and makes us feel bloated. So too, is binge watching non- stop news coverage of the Coronavirus. A daily update makes sense.  Watch enough to be informed. But binge watching every “breaking news minute” is a lot like binge eating cake. It “bloats” our minds. Try tuning to something that brings you joy; an old movie, your favorite music, a good book, volunteering your skills.

Today’s puzzle:  What do these “Threezers” have in common?

  • Time, Doctors, Obedient Dogs? (they heal (heel))
  • Spanish, Western, Ham & Swiss? (an omelet)
  • “Beaker”, “Rizzo the Rat”, “Rowlf”? (are Muppets)

PS: Don’t forget to phone your friend and tell them the answer to last week’s riddle.

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