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Health Brief

March 24, 2020

Last night the national news was showing video of young adults defying the social distancing pleas from our health officials while on spring break. While watching this I superimposed our lobby, atrium and elevator areas throughout the day. How are we any different than those young people having a good time? At least they are breathing fresh air.

Right now Social Distancing is the only tool we have to protect ourselves from this disease. As demonstrated in South Korea…Social Distancing works! It is an effective tool against the spread of this virus that EVERYONE must practice in order for us to be safe in our own homes.

My favorite history teacher would always tell us, “those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it. Learn from your past.” Many of us are old enough to remember the Polio outbreak of the 1950’s. Let’s learn from our past! Social Distancing is not just a catch phrase for others, it saves lives…. Maybe even your own.

Calling all retired nurses. If you would be willing to “roll up your sleeves” one more time, I could use your skills. Please call me and I will explain the plan of care. (ext: 4681)

Were you able to solve the “Threezers” from yesterday?

The answers were:  1) They all heal (heel), 2) an Omelet and 3) they are all Muppets.  

Today’s “groaners” come from an old friend and mentor. Do your best.

  • What kind of bread do lemons eat?
  • What lies shaking at the bottom of the sea?
  • “Threezer”: Glucose, Lactose, Dextrose?  

The weather is improving. Today would be a good day for a meditative walk outdoors. It’s good for the body, the mind and the soul. As you walk remember to walk heel, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe…

If you can’t get outside, try cracking a window open for a few minutes and breathe the fresh air.

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