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Health Brief

March 25, 2020

Yesterday, WI Governor Evers signed into law further restrictions to protect everyone from the deadly effects of COVID-19. We are asking all residents to comply with these restrictions and stay in your apartments except for essential tasks. We understand the hardship this may place on some and are doing our best “lighten the load”. Just as it is darkest before the dawn or coldest before springtime these difficult times will end. We can choose to look for the rainbow or wallow under the cloud of gloom. I am choosing the rainbow. Will you join me?

Today is Whacky Wednesday -- a day of opposites. This is a great opportunity to grow some new brain connections and do things differently than we normally do. I challenge you to mix things up today. Some suggestions:

  • Brush your teeth using your other hand.
  • Eat a complete meal using your non-dominate hand.
  • Try dessert first today.
  • Read something different then your ordinary genre.
  • Recite the alphabet backwards.
  • Count backwards by 3’s.

You get the idea. Today I tried to learn how to tie a tie…. It’s still backwards. Every time you make your brain “sweat” (ie: think a little harder) you are building your brain’s capacity. Go for It!

Today we can choose to look for the rainbow or wallow under the cloud of gloom. I am choosing the rainbow will you join me?

I am still in need of a few nurses. If you would be willing to “roll up your sleeves” one more time, I could use your skills. Please call me and I will explain the plan of care. (ext: 4681)

The answers from yesterday’s groaners:

  1. Sourdough
  2. A nervous wreck
  3. They are all sugars.  

The weather continues to improve. Today would be a good day open your window for a breath of fresh air.

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