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Health Brief

March 31, 2020

Spoiler Alert: This is not a pleasant message today.

Lent is a time when we are to come closer to God. We attempt to experience his pain and suffering, so that we can truly rejoice in his resurrection. Jesus traveled from town to village trying to save his people. Speaking things that were not popular (or even liked) in attempt to keep his people safe. As I journey through this pandemic with you I am beginning to feel a microcosm of the frustration he must have experienced.

Day by day we (the staff) make tough decisions and speak unpopular truths in effort to keep our people (you) safe. Although many understand and appreciate our efforts, there are some who scoff at us and some make fun of us. Regardless of how we are received we are doing our best to maintain a positive attitude and promote good health.

Yes, I am beginning to understand the frustration the Lord must have felt when he tried and tried to lead his people to safety, to keep them from harm. I just pray that he continues to give each and every staff member here the strength and faith that what they are doing to help you matters.

May the light of God surround you, the love of God enfold you, and the power of God protect you.

I want to thank the volunteer nurses who have offered to help me. Please be aware this next week these nurses will calling every resident. They understand the personal nature of this call and will hold all information shared in the strictest of confidence.

Time for your “Threezers”- What do these 3 items have in common?

  • Pointed weapon, Toll road, Freshwater fish
  • American Bandstand, Santa’s reindeer team, The Nutcracker
  • Snakes, snails, puppy dog tails

The answers to yesterday’s groaners:

  • Birds that fly over the bay: Bagels

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