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Health Brief

April 6, 2020

In light of new data, the CDC recommends that people wear a cloth face mask to cover their nose and mouth in the community setting. A community setting is any place other than your home/apartment where others may be. These settings include the lobby, and “public” areas of our building.  Face coverings are not a substitute for social distancing nor do they replace good hand washing.  Face masks need to be worn properly for it to provide any protection. When wearing your mask BOTH the nose and the mouth must be fully covered. The top of the mask should be fitted snugly to the bridge of your nose and the lower edged of the mask should come down under your chin. It should fit snugly enough so that there are no gaps around the cheeks or under the eyes. The mask should not be touched with your hands.  

Answers to Saturday’s “think twice”:

  • British dishcloth = Tea Towel
  • Improbable story = Tall Tale
  • Roadside attraction = Tourist Trap.

Challenge: This week we are going to start something new. We are going to create “An Attitude of Gratitude”. Each you will write a post-it something you are grateful for. You will post this note on your bathroom mirror. If you need a few post-it notes. Jill, Josh or I have them come pick up a few. Let’s see what we can do.

Today’s puzzle: Double Entendres –

  • A city in Georgia or another word for prairies
  • A remote Polynesian island or a key Christian holiday
  • An Irish city or short naughty poem.

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