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An Update from St. Camillus

July 31, 2020

We're here for you.

Our St. Camillus Home Health team is offering a new service for our partners! Our team is available to facilitate discharge planning when residents are returning from the hospital or rehabilitation. We will also assist by identifying and obtaining orders for any additional care. Let us help you facilitate discharge planning to take the burden off of your community!

Let's get started!

Contact Michelle Lammers, St. Camillus Community Liaison, at 414-581-5744 to learn how St. Camillus will help streamline the discharge process. Michelle will coordinate between your staff and hospital social workers to ensure a safe discharge back to your community.

Our team is here to help you make the process as safe and smooth as possible for your residents.

As always, please call give us a call if we can help you, your residents or communities in any way. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling 414-258-2418.

The St. Camillus Home Health and Hospice team

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