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An Update from St. Camillus

October 16, 2020

Patsy's Floral Shoppe

Patsy’s Hallway Floral Shoppe opened in August and was created because Patsy missed volunteering due to COVID restrictions.The donated flowers from Trader Joes Wauwatosa have brought staff and great conversation to her door. Patsy will be spearheading staff projects for Thanksgiving and Christmas to bring teams closer together and to add a special touch of hope to the upcoming holiday season.

Spreading Fall Cheer

In the beginning of October, residents received pumpkins to decorate and display on their shelves for Wacky Wednesday.Residents are getting very creative with their pumpkin designs! Above is one of our favorites and most fitting for current times!

COVID-19 Communication

Weekly testing continues in our Memory Care, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing, this level of testing has been conducted for the past three weeks. Since our last update we have no new positive cases among our residents. The resident we reported had a positive test is doing very well and remains in our isolation unit in Skilled Nursing.

One employee of Select Rehab was tested positive and any clients and residents who may have been exposed have been notified and tested. A Residential Aide in Assisted Living also tested positive for COVID-19. The eight residents assigned to our RA are now in isolation and are being carefully monitored for symptoms.

We continue to remain vigilant against the threat of COVID and are deeply grateful for your expressions of support and prayers.

Visit our website, www.stcam.com, for the latest updates and news. As always, please call or email us with any questions.

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  • Memory Care Social Worker: 414-259-7952 or krehlinger@stcam.com
  • Skilled Nursing Social Workers: 414-259-3729 or lmcgaver@stcam.com or 414-259-8602 or jbrown@stcam.com 

Thank you for your continued support,

Kevin Schwab, Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Angell, Chief Operating Officer

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