St. Camillus Women's Guild

The St. Camillus Women’s Guild was founded in 1952 to enhance the lives of patients at St. Camillus Hospital. There were thirteen original members, with membership increasing to around ninety by 1980. The Guild improved St. Camillus through the donation of countless of hours of time and thousands of dollars for a variety of projects.

A complete list of Guild sponsored activities is too long to print here, but it includes: bingo, rummage sales, movie nights, a thrift shop, St. Patrick’s Day dance, a holiday boutique, cookie delivery, and card parties. The money raised from these activities was used for many purposes: medical equipment, card tables, TVs, wheelchairs, furniture, print shop equipment, typewriters, bath lifts, and supplies for a beauty salon and barber shop.

Equally as important as the things that were purchased was time spent with patients. Guildmembers visited the patients regularly, celebrating their birthdays, playing games, shopping; anything to make their surroundings seem more like home. The Women’s Guild was dissolved in 2011, but it leaves a legacy of kindness and generosity that should not be forgotten.

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