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St. Camillus Testimonials

The family atmosphere and strong sense of community are what draws us together throughout our campus. Our devoted staff offers care, compassion, friendship and guidance to every resident. Our residents and families are equally devoted. We share here a sampling of what we hear everyday …

“I felt its warmth as soon as I moved in. People acknowledge each other when passing by with a friendly hello and smile. I hear them kid and tease each other often eliciting laughter. More importantly, they try to help each other if possible.” –Charmaine O., St. Camillus Resident

“It took me all of a week to view San Camillo as my home. I felt welcome and comfortable almost instantly.” –St. Camillus Resident

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“The staff always seems to be concerned with all of the residents. They are treated with respect, which is very important to us.” –Daughter of St. Camillus Resident

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“My aunt stayed at St. Camillus for rehab after her hip replacement and the staff could not have been more helpful. Very comforting and informative.” –Charles N., Muskego

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“During a time like this, we realize how much a wonderful staff really means to us. We looked to St. Camillus to provide quality, compassionate care for Dad, where he would be treated with dignity and respect. What we received was so much more.” -Phil H., Milwaukee

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“She went above and beyond to help me.” –Abigail D., Milwaukee

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“It takes special people to do what you do so very well. I don’t know what I would have done without all of you…” –Joanne B. Milwaukee

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“I cannot emphasize on how frustrating and very, very exhausting therapy can be, but the look on a patient’s face when you really help them to feel better or function better… It’s an amazing feeling.” –St. Camillus Therapist

“For the most part, doing house cleaning and maintenance is just a job. It’s the same stuff anywhere you go. But here, the people you are working for… I mean, really working for… they all smile and say,‘Thank you.’ I think it’s because I am a part of the place where people go to feel better and be healthy.” –St. Camillus Housekeeper

A belated thank you for all the love, care, and patience you gave my mother Marguerite during her final months. She was a tough cookie- we all knew that! I’m sure that the listening, suggestions, encouragement, and providing kept her alive and comfortable longer that she would have otherwise. You and your staff did special work. Pierre, myself, and the family appreciate your efforts and commitment. – Jim MacGillis & Family