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While we can’t stop Mother Nature, we can surely help slow it down! Staying active is a CORE component of overall health, quality of life and age! Unfortunately this is easier said than done as seniors face many challenges with mobility. However, it is possible for older adults to start enjoying the many body and brain-boosting benefits of fitness and exercise. Wondering where to start!? Start with these 5 easy tips!




While excited to start a new exercise regimen, it’s very easy to get carried away. Starting too quickly or rushing into a new program can be a recipe for failure or injury, ultimately leading to less, not more. Sedentary bodies need to adjust to movement again! Seniors can avoid taking on too much by starting slowly with their limited mobility fitness plans. Small changes can lay the groundwork for big change!




Moving your bodies every day is crucial for improvement as well as avoiding setbacks, specifically for limited mobility seniors. Whether you do it on your own or participate in a group class, staying active for at least 15-20 minutes every day will put you in the right direction. Make sure to choose exercises that support and improve your mobility without doing too much.




The NIHSeniorHealth recommends stretching every day to help seniors improve flexibility balance and ultimately increases freedom of movement. Stretching can help improve Range of Motion and avoid injury during physical activity. A chair or balance bar can be used to help with stretching. If you are unsure about which stretches are more appropriate for your limited mobility, see your Fitness Director in the fitness center for suggestions!




According to the American Senior Fitness Association (ASFA), Yoga is “a tremendous tool for combating the concerns of an aging population” with potential to “slow or even slowly reverse the aging process”. Yoga can help with managing arthritis pain and reduce anxiety levels. Most senior yoga courses are designed to help with limited mobility and understanding body awareness.


Muscle strength is invaluable to preserving quality of life in seniors. Seniors should aim to exercise all of their major muscle groups at least 2x/week for 30 minutes. Starting with 1-2lb weights can be a great place to start, when trying to increase strength while avoiding injury. Limited mobility can make weight training a little difficult, but with practice and proper form, it can be incredibly beneficial for seniors.





Topic 15 - Posted July 24, 2018


Exercise/Health Tips for Seniors with Limited Mobility!


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