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My 30-Day Declutter Challenge ended in a flurry as I scrambled to complete the last three days of clutter collection.


The goal of the challenge, started on Aug. 1, was to collect one item on Day 1, two on Day 2 and so forth for 30 days. By the end, on Aug. 30, I had culled more than the requisite 465 items,...

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Declutter Challenge: What Works Best for You?

Next Avenue readers share their top tips for getting rid of junk

By Liza Kaufman Hogan for Next Avenue

I said goodbye to my beloved 20-year-old Chihuahua yesterday.


She knew everything about me and, despite that, remained my loyal companion all these years. She put up with my crazy lifestyle, my mood swings and my bad hair days.

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Ways to Cope When a Beloved Pet Dies

Rosie the Chihuahua provided unconditional love for 20 years

By Judy Pansullo for Next Avenue

Finally! The U.S. government is beginning to crack down on cramming by cell phone companies.


There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve been a victim of cramming — the practice of placing unauthorized, misleading or deceptive monthly charges of $1.99 to $19.99 on your telephone...

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How to Prevent ‘Cramming’ Fees on Your Phone Bills

By Caroline Mayer for Next Avenue

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Bone building reaches a peak during adolescence but then slows after age 25. In addition to this natural bone loss, we’re less likely to perform high-impact, bone-stimulating exercises (such as jumping) after age 50. This adds up to an increased risk of osteoporosis and bone breaks and fractures.  Fortunately, you can build stronger bones at any age.

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Posted October 17, 2016


7 Easy Ways to Build Strong Bones

Jump 10 times, crush some cans and other tips to boost bone density

By Linda Melone for Next Avenue


The ability to stick with an exercise program largely lies in finding an activity you enjoy.

Extroverts and introverts each find happiness in different approaches. Forcing yourself into a workout that makes you uncomfortable isn’t likely to lead to success.

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Posted November 11, 2016


The Best Exercises for Introverts and Extroverts

Where do you get your energy? See which workout styles fit for you

By Linda Melone, CSCS for Next Avenue

Whether you took a longer walk than usual, tried a new exercise or simply spent all day on your feet, achy legs can make your whole body hurt.

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Posted January 13, 2017


Stretches and Exercises for Tired, Achy Legs

4 ways to ease leg and knee pain caused by overdoing it

By Linda Melone for Next Avenue


On March 23rd, the St. Camillus “Dream Team” took an adventure down to the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) to celebrate resident, Mary Dahlman. Mary is receiving our hospice services and St. Camillus wanted to help her do something special and create an amazing memory.



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Posted March 29, 2017


A Feast for the Eyes, a Feast for the Soul

10101 W. Wisconsin Ave.        Wauwatosa, WI 53226                 414.258.1814