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Topic 3 -

Posted March 5, 2018


Creating Art to Fuel the Hungry

by Lindsey Bartelt

St. Camillus Independent Living residents gathered at San Camillo on February 14th to paint bowls in preparation for the 6th annual Joseph Bowls Supper on Thursday, March 8, 2018 hosted by the School...

Past Posts - 2017

Topic 1 -

Posted January 31, 2018


Music is Life

Music is the universal language of mankind. It is such a part of our lives that some of our reactions to music are automatic. Imagine listening to your favorite song; soon enough your toes...

Topic 2 -

Posted February 26, 2018


Singing for Smiles

by Lindsey Bartelt

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, February 26th, 2018 – Valentine’s Day was unlike any other at St. Camillus this year.  The employees and residents were given a chance to...

Topic 4 -

Posted March 30, 2018


5 ways to beat Cabin Fever  -

St. Camillus Style

by Lindsey Bartelt

It is getting to be that time of year that your body is craving sunlight and you want to get out of the house! In general, Wisconsin winters are long, cold and you have probably been cooped up to ...

Topic 5 -

Posted April 2, 2018


De-cluttering basics and preparing to make the big move

by Lindsey Bartelt

What are you waiting for? The time is now to start your de-cluttering journey. Chances are you have been avoiding this tedious task, however, it is important to remember that it better to ....

Topic 6 -

Posted April 19, 2018


Living through Legacies

by Linsey Bartelt

St. Camillus is a Life Plan Community full of resident stories to be shared and memories to be remembered. One of the most beautiful aspects about senior living is being able to...

Topic 7 -

Posted April 26, 2018


Curly Lambeau-era Green Bay Packers player who served in WWII traveling on Honor Flight - By: Meg Jpnes

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

By the time the Green Bay Packers beat the New York Giants in December 1944 to win the NFL Championship, Erv Dzierzewski had traded his ...

Topic 8 -

Posted May 2, 2018


Nutritious and Delicious - Cooking for One

by Lindsey Bartelt

Let’s face it; we all get to that point where we ask the dreaded question, “What is for dinner tonight?” Throughout our lives, cooking can sometimes become a nuisance and it is hard to motivate oneself ....

Topic 10 -

Posted June 20, 2018



Volunteer(s) of the Year

by Lindsey Bartelt

Each year RAC (Resident Advisory Committee) chooses a resident and the

St. Camillus Volunteer Committee chooses a person or persons from the Milwaukee community to receive the Volunteer ...

Topic 11 -

Posted July 2, 2018



East Side Al

by Lindsey Bartelt

Sometimes you have such a heart-warming experience in life that it inspires you to give back in ways you never would have imagined.  This is the case for ....

Topic 9 -

Posted June 6, 2018


The Best Exercises for Introverts and Extroverts

Where do you get your energy? See which workout styles fit for you

By Linda Melone, CSCS for Next Avenue

The ability to stick with an exercise program largely lies in finding an activity you enjoy.  Extroverts and ...


Topic 12 -

Posted July 12, 2018


Summer Fun Surrounding St. Camillus


When we think of summer, we think of the warm nights, festivals, grilling out.  At St. Camillus, there is no shortage to the fantastic summer memories that ....

Topic 13 -

Posted July 15, 2018


Hustle and Bustle in the Heart of Wauwatosa

by Lindsey Bartelt

The city of Wauwatosa has so much to offer; strong roots, great community engagement and a ton of activities to join in on!  So let’s get right to it and ....

Topic 14 -

Posted July 16, 2018



Linda & David Fox

by Lindsey Bartelt

The July volunteer spotlight article features a wonderful couple (and San Camillo residents!) that has made such a tremendous impact on our ....

Topic 15 -

Posted July 24, 2018


Exercise/Health Tips for Seniors with Limited Mobility!

While we can’t stop Mother Nature, we can surely help slow it down! Staying active is a CORE component of overall health, quality of life and age! Unfortunately ...


Topic 16 -

Posted August 3, 2018


Therapy Advancements at St. Camillus

by Lindsey Bartelt

St. Camillus is excited to announce that we are now LSVT - Lee Silverman Voice Treatment therapy certified.  LSVT- Lee Silvermann Voice Treatment is an ...

Topic 17 -

Posted August 10, 2018


Emily Lopez — Wellness Coordinator Bio

As a fitness enthusiast and an extremely upbeat individual, Emily Lopez has been an amazing asset to St. Camillus as the Wellness Coordinator for our ...

Topic 18 -

Posted September 3, 2018


2018 Spirit of St. Camillus

4 years ago, St. Camillus created the Spirit of St. Camillus award.  The Spirit of St. Camillus award allows employees to nominate fellow team members ...

Topic 19 -

Posted October 10, 2018


History Found!

Anyone who has ever moved before knows the feeling of finding something they lost, or maybe they forgot they ever had. In the process of moving the archives for ...

Topic 20 -

Posted October 17, 2018


History of Halloween

and the Top Costumes for 2018

by Lindsey Bartelt

When we think of Halloween, many of us think about candy, trick or treat, and costume parties. This is what the day has molded into after thousands of ...

Topic 21 -

Posted October 18, 2018


October Volunteer Spotlight

by Lindsey Bartelt

Every week, the St. Camillus assisted living Recreational Therapy Manager, Laurie Stout, chooses a delicious recipe to make in “Kitchen Creations.” Kitchen ...

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