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On-Site Wellness Team

At St. Camillus, our dedicated wellness team supports you in a healthy lifestyle. San Camillo offers a Wellness Center with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and a whirlpool open to residents 24 hours a day. Daily exercise classes, and weekly yoga and Tai Chi classes are always on the schedule.

Complimentary balance and fitness screening occurs monthly by a physical therapist. Podiatry services are available in the Wellness Center by appointment. Healthquest massage therapy is available in the privacy of your apartment or in the relaxing massage therapy studio, located in the Wellness Center.

San Camillo has a dedicated wellness registered nurse on-site to assist in the coordination of any health related concerns and blood pressure screening. An annual flu vaccine clinic is held on campus. Emergency Medical response services are available 24 hours a day.

Our wellness team offers monthly educational health programs too!

A Geriatric Social Worker is regularly available to support psycho-social needs.

The San Camillo dining room offers a variety of menu choices for a healthy balanced diet. A registered dietician has regularly scheduled office hours to assist with any special dietary concerns.

Emergency pull cords are located in apartments ensuring residents a peaceful night’s sleep. A voluntary morning check-in system offers the security of knowing someone is checking on you.

The Fitness centers at St. Camillus offers individualized service under the direction of our Rehabilitation Department. Programs are established to meet your specific needs and are monitored in a supervised and secure setting. This highly individualized program is designed to meet your specific needs in an encouraging and supportive setting and available for a nominal monthly fee.

A Wheaton Franciscan Geriatric Medical Clinic is located on the St. Camillus campus. The on-site clinic is committed to providing care to the growing senior population and recognizes that many older adults have chronic health conditions requiring ongoing medical management, but may not have access to such care due to the limitations of transportation and mobility. To address this issue with convenience and compassion, Wheaton Franciscan Geriatric Medicine has created an on-site clinic.  The benefits to our residents are many.

  • Transportation barriers are minimized for residents.
  • Patients are seen in their own environment.
  • Access is provided to the full range of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare resources.
  • On-site offices save time for busy, active residents who don’t want to spend their time waiting for transportation or driving to the doctor.
  • Convenience is a highlight—there’s no need to cancel appointments because of inclement weather, residents can walk to the doctor’s office and acute needs can be handled on-site.

To learn more about San Camillo and our on-site Wellness Center, contact us.