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Short-Term Rehabilitation

The purpose of short-term rehab is to provide an efficient transition back to a normal life. However, this is not to say that this process should lack any of the intensive care one might see in a more long-term program.

At St. Camillus, our team works together in a collaborative effort to ensure that every patient has an effective and comfortable rehabilitation, with a sound and satisfying recovery. Registered nurses, therapists, dietary staff, and specialized physicians work with our patients to develop a rehabilitation plan designed to help each patient achieve optimal results and return home.

Evaluation is a key to effective therapy and very important to a short-term rehab program. The goals developed by the patient and their family, and the rehabilitation team are constantly revisited and revamped to account for improvements and any setbacks in the patient’s progress.

In any given St. Camillus rehab program, occupational therapists will evaluate an individual’s strength, flexibility and ability to function independently.  Our speech language pathologists evaluate an individual’s speech, language, cognitive communication and swallowing.  Physical therapists will monitor mobility, strength development and need for any special devices.

St. Camillus makes inpatient, outpatient, and At-Home treatment available to all who need it, including both residents of our campus and those who are not.

To take a tour of the On-Site Rehab Clinic or arrange a consultation, contact us.

Planned activities and socializing

Planned activities and socializing can also make the rehabilitative process much more pleasant. Anyone in our facility that feels up for some recreational activity is welcome to participate. Visit our list of upcoming events (both link to assisted living Activities) for more information about what’s happening at St. Camillus.

Long-Term Living Magazine recognized the atmosphere at St. Camillus in its “Remodel/Renovation 2010” contest. The tranquil beauty of the facility, coupled with family-friendly functionality, makes for a restful and comforting experience.

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