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Our Community

The St. Camillus campus is more than a retirement community, more than a healthcare provider, and more than you might expect. We are a family, a team, and a community.

San Camillo is our independent living apartment complex here at St. Camillus. It is everything but an end point where retired seniors go to woefully sit through their remaining years; it’s a vibrant community of individuals who choose to engage in life with friendly neighbors, and seize new and exciting opportunities. San Camillo offers our residents limitless opportunities for activity, allowing them to fill their calendars as they see fit. Our residents make the choices, not our staff.

The same basic principles apply to all other facilities on our campus, as well. We provide a custom-tailored plan for each individual resident, creating a more suitable and rewarding experience for them. Our residents, along with their physicians, specify what medical care they require and what activities they would enjoy, and our staff members make all of these requests a reality.

Our staff is an assemblage of highly qualified and vigorously screened professionals, from our health care specialists to our housekeepers. They work closely with our residents to account for any medical changes, provide all necessary assistance, and accommodate special needs. We provide 24-hour nursing service, a full spectrum of therapy services, and treatment options for all levels of medical care need.

The St. Camillus community works as a team, shares all joys and hardships, and grows stronger as a loving, Christian family everyday. We will be there for you as you continue to grow, and we encourage you to share in our growth, as well.

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