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St. Camillus Hospice Approach

As part of our world-class continuum of care commitment, at St. Camillus we approach every stage of life focused on the whole person. It’s why we call it a Wholistic Care approach. It’s caring for the body, mind, spiritual and social needs.

It’s at the end of person’s life that this approach often takes on an even deeper meaning – to the individual and to their loved ones.

When a person has a terminal illness and can no longer benefit from curative treatment, St. Camillus Hospice brings caring relief and comfort to the end of life experience — for our campus residents, as well as for residents of Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties.

St. Camillus Hospice is there to help manage pain, listen to concerns or simply hold a hand. From bathing to palliation of symptoms of distress, our home health interdisciplinary team is focused on delivering the needed services with dignity, comfort and respect.

Under the direction of our Medical Director, Dr. Quryshi, a plan is developed to best meet the wholistic needs of the individual requiring hospice and those of their family. Resources are shared during the consultation from the knowledge gained from delivering home health care for more than 20+ years.

Since Hospice is a concept of care and not a place, the individual chooses where they would like to receive Hospice Care. It’s a personal choice. A person may choose to live the rest of their life in the familiar surroundings of their own home – whether or not it’s on the St. Camillus campus or they may choose to come to St. Camillus.

St. Camillus Hospice is licensed by the State of Wisconsin and accredited by The Joint Commission.

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St. Camillus Hospice Mission Statement

The mission of St. Camillus Hospice is to provide comfort, pain control and palliation of symptoms of distress for individuals who have a terminal illness and can no longer benefit from curative treatment. St. Camillus Hospice will provide compassionate and Wholistic Care to allow a terminally ill person to live the rest of their life in the comfortable surroundings of his or her home.