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Hospice Volunteer Program

Volunteering in hospice is a special gift of unselfish service to people in need. The use of volunteers in several roles is one way that Hospice Care differs from Traditional Home Care. Volunteers may be drawn upon for socialization and emotional support, to running errands, shopping, respite or clerical duties.

Many current volunteers have observed family and friends receiving Hospice Care and want to bring the beauty of the Hospice Care experience to others. The talents and interests of volunteers are always matched with the appropriate needs of our hospice.

Hospice volunteers are an intricate part of the team of health care professionals which comprise the Integrated Hospice Care Team. With their gift of time and talents, volunteers provide needed companionship, care and compassion.

Volunteering for hospice is a very rewarding experience. By serving people who are making choices about how to spend their final days of life, volunteers often learn more about themselves and what really matters in life.

Volunteers are special people who make a difference in the lives of hospice patients and their families. Volunteers make a valuable contribution to the community and enhance their own well-being.

To become a Hospice Volunteer, apply here.