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Care Management

Care Management at St. Camillus is a very important and unique feature for patients and our medical staff.

Our Care Managers guide every In Home patient through a comprehensive needs assessment, accounting for all of the individual’s specific requests and medical needs. After processing this information, along with input from the patient’s family, the Care Manager will develop a plan to suit the individual’s conditions and optimize his or her independence.

The advantages of our Care Management are extensive. In addition to providing each patient with a custom-tailored treatment plan, our Managers can also identify community services that could be of value, provide informative materials regarding treatment options, recommend specific healthcare professionals, and offer guidance for financial and legal issues.

Care Managers

Each of our Care Managers is a member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers and will provide you with professional service aimed towards making your life easier and more comfortable.

“[My Care Manager] helped me with all of my basic, general needs, but she also offered to give me guidance with my finances. During the recent financial meltdown, she helped me design a better budget that was much easier on my bank account. She also helped me find a new insurance company that brought down the cost of my prescriptions. She went above and beyond to help me.” –Abigail D., Milwaukee

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