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Assisted Living at St. Camillus is licensed to operate a large CBRF which serves a maximum of 178 older adults. Our facility operates under a Class C Non ambulatory CBRF. Assisted Living at St. Camillus is located on the 22-acre grounds of our continuing care campus. Components of our continuum are San Camillo Retirement Community, Camillus CARES Home Health Agency, Home Hospice, Care Management, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitative Therapies.  The headquarters of the North American Province of the Order of St. Camillus is located on our campus.

The Supportive Living programs offered in our facilities are designed to provide a full array of services for older adults who are no longer able to remain in an independent living setting, but do not require the level of care offered by a skilled nursing facility. The nature of our program is to provide the support so critically needed to allow an elderly person to maintain independence and prevent early or unnecessary institutionalization.

Individuals residing in the CBRF can be dependent upon assistive devices for ambulation, could have visual/hearing impairments, and/or cognitive deficiencies that result in orientation or memory problems. The program is designed to meet the needs of the frail elderly or cognitively impaired person. Those persons who experience psychological or emotional problems that may result in demonstrations of outward behaviors causing potential harm to themselves or others or the disruption of community life, would not be appropriate for admission. The facility will not admit any residents with an active history of chemical abuse as our staffing and program are not designed to therapeutically manage such intense needs.

The Philosophy of Assisted Living:  St. Camillus is a nonprofit community, owned by the Order of St. Camillus, dedicated to providing a continuum of care that enriches the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of its residents, in an understanding and caring Christian community. In the spirit of St. Camillus and the Order he founded, we see every human being as a special creation of God and worthy of our care and loving concern. Our purpose is to serve older adults by providing a secure, homelike environment. Services provided are to establish and maintain supportive and harmonious community living.

Program Goals:  By establishing a mutually defined service plan, our residents will:

  • Experience a caring, supportive, and homelike experience within a Christian atmosphere.
  • Maintain independence in decision making which is protected by their resident rights. The St. Camillus staff will provide guidance and support.
  • Be assisted to reach and maintain their optimal level of functioning: physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.
  • Be supported and encouraged to fulfill their spiritual needs.
  • Retain their personal dignity, respect and quality of life.
  • Maintain an awareness and contact with the outside community.
  • Achieve the feeling of safety and security regarding their overall well-being.
  • Enjoy exploring and developing leisure time interests both within and outside the facility.

Program Services:  An Individualized Service Plan will be developed for each resident. Within thirty days, Assisted Living at St. Camillus will review and amend as appropriate, the Individualized Service Plan, setting forth goals to be accomplished through services provided or arranged by Assisted Living at St. Camillus and prescribing an integrated program of individually designed activities and services necessary to achieve those goals.

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